we believe in giving kids fun and educational challenges so below are some downloadable sheets that feature all our special doodles from our amazing drinks. just download, print it out and get doodling by getting creative with your colouring in.

it's always a good time to start teaching kids about the basics of colour! So we're going to have a little lesson on the colour wheel...

a standard colour wheel is made out of six colours - red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple. you can create every colour by mixing two of the colours together. for example if you mix red and green you get... yellow!

out of the six colours three colours are primary colours and the other three are secondary colours

primary colours - red, blue and yellow can be mixed together in different combinations to create secondary colours.

secondary colours - green, purple and orange are the colours that can be made out of the primary colours.

below is downloadable sheet you can print out at home and colour in with kids to introduce them to basic colours.


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