doodles drinks are 100% natural and contain no added sugar. 

we are more than just a drink, we are so much more – we offer creative hydration by bringing together a fantastic tasting range of drinks with fun and educational art challenges that keep minds occupied whilst offering oodles of fun. 


perfect for car journeys, meals out, lunch time and picnics, our unique colour me cans can be coloured in using either felt tip pens or crayons and wiped clean with a damp cloth ready for you to recolour again and again!* 


all our carefully chosen doodles help kids learn and question on subjects including nature, animals weather  systems, science and our planet earth just to name a few.


be sure to tag us @doodlesprodcuts on instagram or facebook or use the hashtag #drinkdoodles to share your fabulous creations.

*doodles tip - you can use coloured pencils but they won’t wipe off as well as felt tips and crayons.

we care about what goes in to each and every can to ensure we offer healthy hydration for kids whilst still tasting great.

we promise to never pack our drinks in single use plastic or non-recyclable sachets or cartons and always do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle.

100% recyclable cans


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