just slide it under the aluminium ring pull keeping the middle “tooth” under the ring pull and the two outer “teeth” either side then just and press down.

• replaces single use plastic straws

• replaces soggy alternatives

• keeps mouths away from bacteria

• reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe

• closable cap

• no cut lips or little fingers

• available in different colours

• collectable

hygienic & safe

can caps produce the maximum level of hygiene and safety when drinking from cans, while protecting the cans contents.

can caps for doodles is an innovative aid that completely changes the experience of drinking from a beverage can.

doodles can caps are placed on the can very simply!

suitable for all

can caps are the perfect solution for both kids and adults!

can caps 100% reusable and washable

exclusive to doodles introducing can caps


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